The ultimate Black Swan event, Covid-19, sweeping across the global economy has triggered a commercial crisis the likes of which has not been experienced in generations.   

The real estate market is only now seeing a hint of what is still to come — tenant defaults, borrower defaults and falling values. There will be many losers, but the winners will be the ones who challenge the status quo and see things differently. 


Croft Capital is an advisory & asset management consultancy for real estate lenders with borrower default and impairment issues.  We have a simple, but ambitious goal…  Against all odds, to recover the principal loan sum & realise maximum value for our clients. We reposition assets to unlock their full potential by making them market-relevant.


We use our non-institutional thinking and enterprising approach, combined with a ‘skin in the game’ philosophy. As property owners ourselves, we approach every instruction as if it were our own asset.  Business is personal to us.